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How to share files from os x host to windows guest on virtualbox via ftp

There are various reasons why one may want to share files from his OS X machine to guests on VirtualBox. No matter the reason, the option offered by default in Oracle VM VirtualBox, does not work straight away.

With the main purpose of easing the struggle of those who are facing a hard time while trying to share files with their guests on VirtualBox, I decided to give some clear and concise instructions as an alternative solution to the problem.


  • FTP server on OS X
  • FTP client on guest machine

Launch the FTP server on OS X

The OS X operating system has an FTP server installed by default. It can be easily activated with the help of the following command on the console.
sudo -s launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ftp.plist
Once you have managed to start the FTP server on your local OS X machine, you need to find out the IP address of the machine so you can use it later when connecting from the client.

Find out the IP address of the OS X machine 

Run the following command on your terminal console and the IP address will get printed out. Make sure to save it on a text file for later usage.

Start the FTP connection from the guest on Virtualbox

Offering an FTP client by default, we can easily initiate a connection from the Windows guest by making use of the following command.
Note: Make sure to put the IP address of your OS X host machine.

Provide the correct username and password when asked, and be ready to download the files from the FTP server.

Download files from the FTP server

Downloading files from the FTP server is as easy as typing the command get and the absolute path of the file after it.
get /Users/oltjano/Desktop/nc.exe
As you can easily spot from the above illustration, the command for performing the task of file download is simple and very practical.

Download all the files from the directory

In case you need to download multiple files from the FTP server, all you need to do is type the following command while being in the directory containing the files.
mget *
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