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Most of the computer geeks are familiar with the Internet Download Manager tool. Although it is one of the best among download managers; being a soldier of open source software, I decided to share pyIDM as an alternative for anyone who is passionate about computer programming. 

According to the official documentation shared on the Github platform, pyIDM supports multi-connections at a high speed due to its download engine which relies entirely on LibCurl.

How to install the requirements for running pyIDM on your machine

Depending entirely on Python open source libraries, it is a good idea to create a fresh virtual environment inside the project's root directory after having cloned it.
git clone
Navigate to the pyIDM project's directory by using the command which corresponds to your own operating system. Being a Unix based user, the cd command accomplishes the task for me.
cd pyIDM
Create a fresh virtual environment inside the directory by making use of a Python executable which is of version 3.6 or higher.
virtualenv -p /usr/local/bin/python3.7 env
Then activate the virtual environment and install all the dependencies of the project by making use of the commands shown below.
source env/bin/activate
pip install certifi PySimpleGui pyperclip plyer youtube_dl pycurl
Once you have managed to install the entire packages successfully, you can easily run the program with the help of the command shown below.
python pyIDM
The following should prompt.

Let's do a simple download by providing the url of a Youtube video like shown in the following screenshot.
Then choose the quality of the video stream which you want to download.
Click on the Download button and let pyIDM accomplish the task for you.
Under Setting tab, you can easily tweak the maximum connections per download; ranging from 1 to 100.

There are many themes offered by pyIDM which you can choose from. Just go under Setting and see for yourself.


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